Qatar Zip code

Qatar Zip Code: Understanding Qatar’s Address System

In one way or the other, you might have attempted to use zip code in Qatar for any purpose. Whether you want to fill out your delivery form or want to know the exact location where a parcel or mail should be delivered to, but you realise that Qatar Zip code doesn’t exist and you are worrying about the address system used in Qatar for easy delivery and navigation.

In this article, we will provide you with the detailed information on the address system used in Qatar, how to fill out your online form and why Qatar does not have zip codes.

Qatar Zip code
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What is Qatar Zip Code?

A zip code, stands for “Zone Improvement Plan” code, is a system of postal codes used by the USPS to identify specific postal delivery areas in the United States. However, this system is not utilized in Qatar, where mail is delivered via post office boxes due to the absence of traditional street addresses and postal codes. 

The zip code consists of a sequence of 5 digits with the first digit representing the national area, the second and third digits represent the security center or large city post office and the fourth and last digits represent the delivery area.


Qatar’s Address System

In Qatar, the traditional concept of zip codes or postal codes is not used. Instead, the country employs a unique address system. Addresses in Qatar typically rely on a combination of a P.O. Box number, city, and country name, as well as the new Qatar Area Referencing System (QARS), which is based on GPS coordinates. The QARS is used to find the GPS coordinates and map location of addresses in Qatar, and it is an essential part of the country’s address system. 

To receive letters, individuals and businesses in Qatar must rent a post office box, as there is no organized system of street names and postal addresses for mail delivery

How to fill out Online Form

When the zip code of your location is requested while filling any online shipping form, it is suggested that you fill it out with 00000 as this serves as default code for every location in Qatar.


However, when you want to locate a particular place in Qatar, you can use the QPLACES application, which allows you to find the GPS coordinates of an address in Qatar based on the Qatar Area Referencing System (QARS). This application is helpful for locating addresses in various areas of Qatar, and it requires the building number, street number, and zone number to provide the GPS coordinates. Additionally, the Qaddress QATAR application is also available for finding the map location and GPS coordinates of places in Qatar based on the QARS. These applications are useful for accurately identifying and locating addresses in Qatar based on the QARS.

Community Postal Code
Ad Dawhah al Jadidah 00000
AL Bidda 00000
AL Dafna 00000
AL Egla 00000
AL Hilal 00000
AL Jasrah 00000
AL Kharayej 00000
AL Khulaifat 00000
AL Mansoura 00000
AL Markhiya 00000
AL Messila 00000
AL Mirqab 00000
AL Najada 00000
AL Qassar 00000
AL Rufaa 00000
AL Sadd 00000
AL Souq 00000
AL Tarfa 00000
AL Thumama 00000
AL Barahat Al Jufairi 00000
Dahl AL Hamam 00000
AL Doha International Airport 00000
Daha International Airpot 00000
Doha Port 00000
Duhail 00000
Fereej Abdul Aziz 00000
Fereej Al Nasr 00000
Fereej Bin Durham 00000
Fereej Bin Mahmoud 00000
Fereej Bin Omran 00000
Fereej Kulaib 00000
Fereej Mohammed Bin Jasim 00000
Hamad Medical City 00000
Hazm AL Markhiya 00000
Industrial Area 00000
Jabal Thuaileb 00000
Jelaiah 00000
Jeryan Nejaima 00000
Lejbailat 00000
Lekhwair 00000
Madinat Khalifa North 00000
Madinat Khalifa South 00000
Musheireb 00000
Najma 00000
New AL Hitmi 00000
New AL Mirqab 00000
New Salata 00000
Nuaija 00000
Old Airpot 00000
Old AL Ghanim 00000
Old AL Hitmi 00000
Onaiza 00000
Ras Abu Aboud 00000
Rawdat AL Khail 00000
Rumeilah 00000
Salata 00000
Umm Ghuwailina 00000
Umm Lekhaba 00000
Wabi AL Banat 00000
Wadi AL Sail

Absence of Zip code in Qatar

The absence of zip codes in Qatar is due to the country’s unique approach to mail delivery and its historical development. Qatar’s population growth and the effectiveness of alternative systems have contributed to the lack of a traditional postal code system.

While it may seem unusual to other countries about the absence of a zip code in Qatar, the use of P.O Box numbers has been proven effective for years.


Qatar does not have a zip code system like many other countries. Instead, the country relies on P.O. Boxes and a unique address system that includes building, street, and zone numbers. This system has proven effective for mail delivery, and the use of P.O. Boxes and the Qatar Area Referencing System (QARS) has made the traditional postal code system unnecessary for mail delivery within the country.


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